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Symbiotic Sessions

18 November 2016 - 20:00 - 02:00

Symbiotic Sessions is an innovative multi-artist live concept where various electronic artists and musicians collaborate to bring jamsessions and unique formations music, all created live.

★ What can be expected?

⋆ Electronic gear like drumcomputers, analog and digital synthesizers, mixers and effects.
⋆ Live instruments like piano, guitar, percussion and vocals.
⋆ Music styles from downtempo lounge all the way up to techno.
⋆ And most of all, the unexpected...

Free Entrance!

Are you a live musician and you'd like to join the jamsessions? Or a you a producer and like to use your gear in a live-setting?
Please send an e-mail with some info and a link to audio or video material to syms@actitect.com.


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