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Si Carvell

Widely knowledged for being one of the flag bearers of vinyl, Si Carvell has performed from some of the most prestigious DJ booths in Europe.
Si Carvell has the unique ability to transfix crowds large and small with his freestyle mix of multi genre house.
Si has been in the business since 1986 and of recent, his personal unrivalled determination and passion for his music, has seen him go from strength to strength achieving two no1 spots in the highly acclaimed mixcloud charts.
Born in Southend on Sea in Essex 1970, Si was recorded his own sets onto cassette at the tender age of 7 via two Sony turntables before his international recognition.
The journey began, not with House Music, but with anything from Motown and Soul to Disco and Funk.
When Si discovered House Music, he couldnt wait to drop it into his sets at venues and events accross North Manchester that included being invited to play at Nebula Acid House Rave in 1989.
Si spent 5 summers Living in Ibiza in the mid 90ss and has played alongside some of the greatest DJ's in the world at venues that include Es-Paradis. This was a major turning point in his career meeting some of his piers and channeling the next part of his magical journey.
Fast forward to 2019, Si made the decision to finally go digital. His roots and unwathering ethic are an integral part of the flourishing artist he has become today. Si Carvell delivers high energy performances in his residencies and events that include

Es Paradis, Clockwork Orange, Clockstock, Strictly Old Skool, OldSkool Ibiza, Slip back in Time, One More Time, Devon Sessions, Dirty Stereo, Boogaloo, Oh So Sexy, Project, Drop the Beat, Bar M ( Manummission ), History of House, Bowlers, Hacketts, Boomtown, Club Promotions

Si Carvell teamed up with Mick Clarke aka MYK-E-C to produce an Ibiza themed event called SPANISH FLY which ran in the early 2000ss for two years.
Notable guest DJ's that played for Si and Mick included Jon Besant and Jane Angel.
Si produced an additonal themed night called BOMBAY PUSSY along with Jon Verde ( OC and Verde ) back in 1999.
The event was a one off and and featured vinyl only DJ's.

Music Production
"Destination Ibiza" was a 1995 track Si worked on with Technical Producer Lucius Lowe.
The Ibiza themed track featured the vocals of Vikki Waters ( Capella ) and the team of three toured Ibiza in 2015 as part of the promotion of the track.
Si has recently worked on several tracks in 2020 with Technical Producer Rob Tissera. They include
Re-work of Mary Davidson's "Work-It"
"Sparked out on Acid" ( Sparks remake/bootleg ).
And a remix of BIG LOVE by Fleewood Mac, renamed "Looking out for Love" which is about to be signed by a UK record lable for release in 2021.

FM Radio
Si Carvell produced and presented an FM radio show in 2010-2012 called Decadance.
Although the show was an FM broadcast in the Lancashire and North Manchester area, Decadance had a worldwide audience via listen live links on the web and social media.
The show ran weekly for 3hrs at a time and was based around phone in's, requests, guest DJ's and the very best of house music from the 90ss.
Si Carvell has recently joined House Music Radio with a weekly show called Timeless Classics.




Si Carvell - 30 March - 21:00 / 23:00

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