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Shaman E

Originally from England, Andy lived in Amsterdam for 6 years and now resides in Haarlem.
He took up DJing at a later stage in his life, influenced by his sons' Chris Toxic and Rob Euroh.
He has worked hard over the past 2 years developing his own style of Psychill in particular, deep and with a driving bass line.
In spite of restricting himself to mainly studio work, the time has now come for Shaman-E to go fully public,
having already played out at events such as the Cannabis Cup, the 1st Dutch Cannabis Festival, the Cannalympics and many private parties.
His sets are recorded under the name of: Going With The Cosmic Flow-a series of Psytrance on Mixcloud.
The next step is to commence producing his own tunes which will reflect all he has learnt in the last 2 years.
Once heard, Shaman-E's sounds are never forgotten.

Rest in Peace Shaman 2018








COSMIC VIBRATIONS - 04 January - 16:00 / 19:00

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