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Ettore Centanni aka Rigel was born in Civitanova Marche in Italy in 1985. He discovered his passion for electronic music at the age of fifteen, thus starting to fall in love with the genre.
He began to take his first steps as a DJ at the age of twenty learning as self-taught by exploring the various genres: techno, trance, house and progressive
to then found in 2007 the Marche Trance Movement, a non-profit association aimed at promoting trance musical events in his region which brought many internationally renowned artists to Italy.
He has played as a guest in various venues in Bologna (Synklanb, Kindergarten), Florence and precisely in his hometown Civitanova Marche.
In recent years he has focused his attention on techno and progressive genres.


Progressive night with Rigel - 09 March - 21:00 / 3:00

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