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RG & Comfort



They started together a good few years ago on Yours 2 keep radio,
R.G had started on Y.2.K in 2000 after building up a reputation locally,
so the time had come to enter into pirate radio whilst Comfort had been working the Circuit in north london from early.

Then came the link on Yours 2 Keep radio where R.G had been working for years,
the highlight being winning the award for best radio Show/DJ in 2005 as well as playing at most clubs past and present in the south east of England,
Comfort joined and they linked up for the breakfast shows every morning 10 - 1pm.
They built up a reputation for a no holds barred show with quality music to acommpany, it has to be heard to be commented upon.


They worked the hotlines on Yours 2 Keep Radio for a few years,
tearing up many a car, house and workplace until an era was ended at the back end of 2006.
We must thank all those at Yours to keep radio who made us everything we are and we thank the 90.6fm frequecy for the support, love & faith.


They joined SHINE879  in 2007 and had been playing their trade untill October 2014,
and we hope you the listener have enjoyed the experience which has led to many playouts and an ongoing quarterly residency @ Kashmir Lounge, Amsterdam, NL.


A new dawn has started in December 2014 as we join LoCoLDN and embark on a new chapter.

God bless,take care & keep it locked .

RG & Comfort



Facebook: RG Comfort

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Website: www.rgwithcomfort.webs.com (Soon to be RGwithComfort.com)


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RG & Comfort - UK Garage - 06 March - 21:00 / 3:00
RG & Comfort - UK Garage - 23 March - 21:00 / 2:00

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