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NPC – DJ / Producer

Peter Csabai AKA NPC is a former Hungarian professional tennis player. He has spent a long time on tour as an athlete, but even then he had a CD case with 200 albums in his bag, and a guitar (still wants to learn how to play it) on his shoulder. U.S. customs agents thought he was a smuggler.

Music was always part of his life, but until 2016 he had no real chance to develop his musical talents. Life took charge, led him to other paths.

He started to work with a DJ as a technician and during that time he made his first mixes. One thing led to another … now he is a regular DJ in Hungary’s capital, and he is certainly happier than ever. His goal is to make other people happy.

He was a big fan of Metallica’s instrumental songs and he also liked Jean-Michel Jarre’s and Mike Oldfield’s classics. Influences like those and the combination of a hard, intense, somewhat dark, but melodic style makes his music very special.


Pro B tech - 14 May - 12:00 / 3:00

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