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Necto Lucas

Phil Perlovsky-Neman aka DJ Necto Lucas
Now it’s hard to say what exactly has turned Phil's destiny to the path of playing music - was that his keen interest in a musical education (Phil had finished a violin classes at the Odessa Musical School), his rapture at the first on-stage performances (he tried himself as a bass-guitar player in some Odessa's rock bands), or was that his experience of frequent tours to Moscow & Kiev for different contemporary art & music events. Whatever it was, but it resulted into a strong decision to dedicate his life to the Electronic Dance Music.
Summer ‘96 - Phil starts to play techno at "Manhattan", one of the first Odessa night-clubs.   
March '97 – First Ukrainian techno radio "Radio-Maski 102.7 FM" was founded in Odessa. Phil was invited there as a Head-DJ & Program Director.
November '98 – Phil moves to progressive Moscow to find more co-minded people, to develop his contacts and to broaden his music horizons.
From this moment his experience and skills in music performances grow very fast due to constant participation in different parties and raves, such as "East Impact" raves (one of the oldest dance music festival in Eastern Europe) and "Orbita-4" (most significant Moscow trance festival for  that  time).
His career also moves forward:
October '99 - April '00 - takes position of a Chief sound producer of "TV-Night Project" at the First National Music TV Channel (till its closure).  
Since summer '00 – constantly takes part in a famous KAZANTIP fest, beginning from DJ-ing side by side with best world-known DJs and becoming stage manager later on.
Summer 2004 – is invited as a guest star to the leading lounge festival "Café Del Mar» (Moscow) along with Gleb Deev & Alexandr Nuzhdin.
Since 2005 till now – assigned as an official DJ of "ComMission", Moscow fest of comics, graphic novels and manga.
Spring '06 & '07 – assigned as an official DJ of Donbai  Snowboard Camp
Since Summer 2010 till 2018 – takes position of resident DJ & art director of PlageNick Beach Club (Odessa, Ukraine) (plagenick.com, https://www.facebook.com/groups/116336795071015/)

Summer 2019 – Art-Director of Cochonnet Café  in middle of Gorky Park^ Moscow

2020-2022  - widely  plays on  different parties & festivals in Ukraine such as Wave Festival, Avatar Yoga Fest
For the years of performing DJ Necto Lucas was sharing stage with world’s best DJs - Ken Ishii, Tom  Clark, Alex Flatcher, Terry Francis, Herbert, Saamy Koviko, Todd Bodine, Francois Kevorkian, Moby, Paul Oakenfold, Dave  Clark, 808 State, DJ Linus,  Rony Size, Ryan Halyfax and many other titans of electro-music.
In addition, Phil makes regular appearances in a number of Moscow top-clubs with different audiences: 16 Tons, Zeppelin, Park, Propaganda, Flegmatic Dog, Gorod & Gorod 2, Ikra, Mix Club, 1171, Krisha Mira, Gaudi Arena etc.
DJ Necto Lucas is good known at the lounge scene. His smooth jazz-lounge sessions make enchanting aura in a best Moscow cafe & restaurants: Sky-Lounge, Yellow Sea, Moscow-Roma, Lawn Tennis Cafe, Bed-Cafe, Uley, Museum, Blackberry, Simachev Bar, Progress-Bar@Digital October, Bon Tempi, Shanti, Iskra Cafe-Bar, etc.
Phil pays great attention to permanent progress and variety in his music, exploring different genres and styles and compiling his own sets with unique features. His individual music taste and distinctive freestyle sets made him welcome performer at any party all other the world.


DJ Necto Lucas - 26 May - 19:00 / 1:00
KAMBALA & NECTO LUCAS - 12 May - 21:00 / 3:00
KAMBALA & NECTO LUCAS - 19 May - 20:00 / 12:00
KAMBALA & NECTO LUCAS - 09 June - 21:00 / 3:00
KAMBALA & NECTO LUCAS - 23 June - 21:00 / 3:00

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