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(Digitronica / Belgrade, SRB) : self-described and self-dened as an epitome
of eclectism, the well-established Belgradian duo never stopped overcoming its crowd’s
expectations ever since they started as a band in 2012. Their darkly heady, dazing techno tracks
already brilliantly managed to cast an undefectible spell on any crowd for the past few years.
Monosaccharide hardware only driven live performance is changing the perception of live
performance but they just don’t t into any conventional pattern, root of their style is techno
but they are deleting borders between genres.
In their dj mix Monosaccharide comes with more of the enchanting mixture which ensured their
past success : galvanizing tribal rythms that will have you shake to your bones.

2013 - Unity Album , Exit Festival Label
2013 - Hard&Gentle EP, Digitronica
2014 - Regular Darkness EP, Digitronica
2014 - Beyond Border EP, Digitronica
2015 - City Lights EP , Digitronica
2015 - Consumer EP, Burst Records
2016 - Error EP, Tauten Records (RMX)
2016 - 09 : 10 EP, Dangerous Minds ((RMX)
2017 - VA Kontaminacija, Dangerous Minds
2018 - Dirty Boulevards and Fake Dreams EP, Digitronica
2019 - Moon Such A Ride EP, Dokument Records
2019 - To Go Insane EP, Digitronica Records
2020 - Human Style (Pandemix), Spinnup (RMX


Monosaccharide - Mooncast - 20 October - 13:00 / 18:00

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