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DJ Menjo plays old soul, old skool hiphop and funky & groovy tunes.
He gets inspired by rare tracks from second hand markets or diggin in the originals of current hiphop or dancetunes.
Depending on the night or event, tunes can become more spicy or uptempo....
Amongst his favourites are
Joe Bataan, Johnny Guitar Watson, JB's,
Nina Simone, The Mohawks, Rufus Thomas,
De La Soul, Pino d'Angio,
RUN DMC, Quantic Soul Orchestra
et cetera et cetera et cetera....


DJ Menjo - Disco Funk Dance Classics - 12 March - 20:00 / 1:00
DJ Menjo - Disco Funk Dance Classics - 09 April - 20:00 / 1:00

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