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Mashti aka Mads Nordheim

Dj MADAZZ aka Mashti aka Mads Nordheim, is a Norwegian composer, producer, sound technician, and DJ, based and working out of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Playing funky electronic music of all variations. Expect everything from Balearic, rock elektro, Swing house, balkan & minimal house & tech.

Over the last decades he has been working with electronic music and combining the electronic style with the acoustic and old traditional music from different parts of the world such as India, Iran and Turkey amongst others.
Mashti aka Mads Nordheim was born in Oslo - Norway the 13 June 1965, and was surounded with music from birth because of his father, the well known modern classical composer Arne Nordheim.
In 1979 Mashti moved to Copenhagen - Denmark where he got involved with the underground punk/rock music scene as a keyboard player and bass player, from the end of the 80´s he got totaly in to electronics for making music, he has been making music for documetaris movies, art instalations and cd´s,
November 2008: Fuat Talay (form Turkey) and Mashti's album ‘Sufisticated’ was nominated – and was on the shortlist of three top nominees – for the Danish World music Awards.
Live concert at the youth and cultural festival in Van, Turkey
Composer, producer and musician on the three albums with
Bahramji (from iran):
Today working mostly with Danish Dj & Producer Jean von Baden, making tracks & remixes for all occasions.
He also is working with legenday rock singer Erik Walet from Holland .

DIVANEH (2011)
Remixes for AMBIENT GROOVE (new york) on the CD´s:
Footsteps in Afraica the remixes (2010)
Kunadalini Remix (2011)
Mashti also Appers on the following combilation CD´s:
Buddha-Bar IX.
Buddha-Bar XI.
Buddha-Bar XII.
Buddha-Bar XIII.
Buddha-Bar Hotel
Kumharas 7 ibiza sunset ambient.
Café Oriental 6.
Namaste identity.
Namaste Cultures.
Sound of Copenhagen # 8 with D'Jean & Masonaise
Atzarro Spa 2012 with D'Jean & Masonaise
Ministry of Sound Chill 2012 with D'Jean & Masonaise
Buddah Bar XV 2013 with D'Jean & Masonaise
Official Laid Back Remix by MASHTI & JEAN von BADEN 2013.


QINGS DAY - 27 April - 12:00 / 3:00
QINGS NIGHT - 26 April - 18:00 / 3:00
DJ MADZZ - DENMARK - 23 July - 20:00 / 1:00
DJ MADZZ - DENMARK - 19 August - 21:00 / 2:00
DJ Mashti - DENMARK - 21 May - 21:00 / 3:00

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