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Manscream (Manuel Bratovic, 24)

DJ and newer electronic music producer, currently in Amsterdam area. From an early age, various styles of music surround him and over a long period, he reaches his purer musical goal and what really interests him. He started his musical journey back in 2013. And he is also a member of the AB Original DJ crew. The sound of his DJ sets "screams" melodic, based on attractive melodies, good rhythm, and lovely energy. In particular, genres vary from a wider range of house, electronica, disco/dark disco, indie dance music, to elements of other genres. Manscream is a newer project with several successful performances so far and the future seems very bright. He has been devoting his time to music production for the last year. His performances were currently in Croatia and it is worth mentioning the DJ residency in Vertigo (Ribarska Koliba) since 2021. Many also know him from the drum & bass duo Outer Frames. Founder of the Stereostetica project.

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DJ Manscream - 23 December - 20:00 / 1:00

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