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M3 aka Megalito

Miquel Napooleao

dj M3  / Megalito / 2 mentall M.Napooleao has born in Portugal in 1964.

In the late 60s together whit his parents he went to live in Mozambique where he start to experience the first African rhythms.
In the 70s when the explosion of the hippies and because the influence of his older brother and sister he had the opportunity to listen and enjoy the best music of that time.
In 1986 he moved to Amsterdam Holland where he found his home. Back in 1990 he started to do sessions on a local Amsterdam Radio station called radio 100,
Followed by his first radio show called Soul Devolution a weekly program joined by a team of great musicians and DJs from the English scene of acid jazz.
In 2003 hi has founded a independent records label "Organic Life Music", And "Organic Life Music studio", the dream finally came true,
Together with David Kox they started project " 2Mentall" M.Napoleao has been since then inspired by the incredible chemistry between the two musicians and the
amazing cast of guest musicians as: Jos De Haas, Stefan Schmid, Eddy Weldman, Geni Pereira, Cafuzo, Edit Mossel, Piotr Van Moock, Ben Mendes, and many, many others
they have created a incredible fusion of music styles, Broken beats, Nu jazz, Asia lounge and of curse, Brazilian music.
Together with the African rhythms and other world flavors he has found the great- heated expression of dance music.

From electronic to jazz, metal, lounge, ethnic grooves, chemical beats, electrohouse, break-beat to classical music and contemporary music all cooked into a very nice soup!

1964  /  2011   R.I.P. our beloved friend


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