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Lynnée Denise

Lynnée Denise

Known for her eclectic mixes of classic hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz and deep house, DJ lynnée denise of Wildseed Music draws inspiration from her life as a DJ in San Francisco, New York City and Atlanta.
DJ lynnée denise enjoys a podcast listenership of thousands and she’s presented DJinng as a high art-form in clubs, universities and dance floors around the world.

Lynnée believes that “chasin’ samples,” diggin’ through the crates’ and studying liner notes makes the difference between a mediocre DJ and an expert in the field.
Engaging the music with curiosity about its history and social context, as well as a commitment to understanding the inner-workings of the craft, has allowed her to spin musical experiences for people in Spain, Portugal, UK, Costa Rica, Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa.


Lynnée Denise - 20 February - 21:00 / 2:00
Lynnée Denise - 13 March - 21:00 / 2:00
Lynnée Denise - 10 April - 21:00 / 2:00
Lynnée Denise - 01 May - 21:00 / 2:00
Lynnée Denise - 25 June - 21:00 / 2:00
Lynnée Denise - 31 August - 21:00 / 2:00

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