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DJ LRS started his DJ career on the first of March 2015 in Escape, Amsterdam with an eclectic opening set.
Since then LRS has been non stop behind the spinning tables.
In various clubs all over the Netherlands he plays his eclectic sets and mixes old with new. From oldskool, 2 step to Funk and Deep House.

He has a very large collection of vinyl and loves to play with titles of songs when he makes his sets. LRS is always telling you a story!
For more information you can follow lrs_artist on Instagram a
nd go to https://www.facebook.com/LRSdj and hook up by liking him

Website: Visit Website


DJ LRS - Eclectic Vibes - 18 February - 21:00 / 2:00
DJ LRS - Eclectic Vibes - 30 March - 21:00 / 2:00
DJ LRS - Eclectic Vibes - 11 May - 19:00 / 12:00
DJ LRS - Eclectic Vibes - 15 June - 20:00 / 1:00

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