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After moving to Amsterdam to expand her horizon, Loli, 22, fell in love with what she found on this side of the pond.
Digging through the crates at infamous stores such as KillaKutz, Rush Hour and Seawolf Records, she slowly started refining her style into eclectic electronic sounds from different eras all around the world.
She doesn't like to define her style into simply one genre but more so sounds that she finds fit well together. She considers her style to be a balanced mix between old school bangers and new school gems.
Loli collects music that feels unique to her in some way, sometimes going for what sounds more classic and at home to her. House, electro, minimal and breakbeats are some the highlighted styles you can hear throughout her set, but you will also probably catch some unexpected changes to switch things up.


Various DJs from Hungary - 24 January - 20:00 / 1:00
Various DJs from Hungary - 19 April - 18:00 / 1:00

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