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Biography: The Loco's

A UK, female and male Hip Hop duo, part news in rhyme and partners in life ! Over 6 years now these two have been combining their magic in the studio and wow, have they put in some work. Performing on a regular basis at Hip Hop nights, fun days and other venues in and around Nottingham, these two work in perfect synchronisation to give the listener what they need. Their music is full of emotion and energy, their versatility allows them to create many different styles of music and they have something for everyone to love ! The loco's released their first full duo project (Livin La Vida Loco) in 2016 and haven't stopped making waves since !

Biography: Nay Loco

Craftsmen, wordsmith and livewire ! Nay Loco is all 3, plus much more. This 29 year old Hip Hop Artist from Nottingham is a maestro and a veteran in the UK music scene, with conscientious and impeccably structured lyrics Nay Loco has been performing at various venues over the last decade spreading his infectious sound. Also appearing on several radio stations such as BBCNottingham and 1xtra.
 The bulk of his music stems from old school and hardcore Hip Hop whereby he displays incredible skill,flows and content with style and tenacity. However, with such a large catalogue of music to boast (8 projects and counting), it was only right that Nay Loco also delved into some softer acoustic vibes as well as making a real mark in the grime scene.
Nay Loco has worked alongside a tremendous number of high quality artists and producers to put together his sound, resulting in both solo and duo projects. Next out .. Local Healers.
Rocking the mic is what he does best,a real talent who's sure to have you bopping your head, definitely one to watch !

Find his music ..https://nayloco.bandcamp.com
Follow him - Instagram - @nayloconotts
Facebook - Nay Loco

Biography: Veronica Caine

Bringing the old school flavour back into the Nottingham Music scene, Rapper and Singer/Songwriter Veronica Caine, 34, started writing and singing at a young age, and started recording some of her vocals as a teenager. After years of performing at a variety of local events and working with many local artists, realised in her early 20’s that she had a passion and flair for flows and lyrics. she started exploring this talent, and the feedback she was getting encouraged her to continue. Her music has a positive uplifting undertone and is a mixture of well written conscious thoughts combined with dynamic flows that are sure to get your head nodding. Some memorable performances include The Affinity Collabor8 Festival at The Nottingham Contemporary and opening for Talib Kweli at Rescue Rooms. She also had a lead roll in the Take1 Film Dark Angels.


Loco Familia - 19 February - 19:00 / 19:00

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