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Knob Tuner

Knob Tuner Radio is a music/ art collective stemming from Accra, Ghana.
The group’s motivation and message is the freedom of expression in art and music,
being themselves an indipendent collective making waves with an original sound fusion.

Knob Tuner RADIO brings incredible innovation to the forefront on the new project “AHH Vol 1”.
AHH is short for Africa High House.
A find that explore the endless possibilities of African House Music.
The music shines in many ways especially the daring approach to the sound.- GlobalMoneyWorld.com

Knob Tuner Radio’s music is a mix of different genre inspirations and can be classified as a fusion of genres,
Starting out as just a production and vocals duo, the collective haveduo, the collective have incorporated a dj set, live keys and a drum pad as a unique experience for their live performance act.


Knob Tuner - 23 September - 21:00 / 3:00

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