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Kenny Tynan

Kenny Tynan is a producer/radio dj signed to numerous labels including Club Educate, Stazis, Sugar Moods and Makira Deep. Receiver of 3 “Essential Emerald’s” – Irelands hottest dance tune of the week, for his tracks “Ayhuasca” “The Volume” and “Dyewitness – What would you like to hear again? (Kenny Tynan Remix).

Having learned his trade from the best Irish Producers he could find including Reuben Keeney (Atlantic Records) , and Full Tilt /Timmy and Tommy (Armada). His releases have gotten national airplay in Ireland (RTE and Iradio) and England (BBC).

Kenny was always a musician, but his career kicked off with had a few club residencies in his local area, before moving to play bigger clubs like Twisted Pepper and The Academy alongside acts like The Japanese Popstars and Simon Patterson. 2015 was the year of the festivals for Kenny Tynan, having crowds at his fingertips and induced into a deep state of mind, with his hypnotic beats.

Kenny Tynans release The Volume on John Gibbons label, Club Educate, went straight into the Top 10 Irish Dance tracks in the Daily Star, and received support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Mark Kavanagh, and Markuz Shulz.

His subsequent release “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me” received support From Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati and Andi Durrant, not to mention featuring on multiple radio shows and podcasts worldwide.

Kenny Tynan also presents a dance radio show RosSpin where youll find the freshest and dopest club sounds, all in the mix, for one hour,  on RosFm 94.6 or http://www.rosfm.ie/live. Kenny Tynans dj sets can be described as an emotional journey that cleanses the mind, body and spirit and in the end it leaves you with a feeling of joy and love in your heart. His dj sets incorporate his own tracks, and some of his favorite four to the floor low groovers.

Kenny says – “Im not into genres, a good record is a good record as long as its simple and its got groove and it has something original about it. There are too many copycats out there, I try to keep my stuff original, so I find it hard to put it in to any other category than music you can feel and see with you eyes closed Thats what I look out for when Im flippin through records, something that has quirkiness, without going too far out there. My tastes in music are very strange, looking forward to the new Tool album, (if its ever finished)and at the same time I listen to the likes of Half Moon Run, James Blake and Ritual. I think that part of me comes across in my dj sets.”


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Kenny Tynan - 30 May - 19:00 / 22:00

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