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Jeremy Curl

From the ashes of
Black Rock City, a new champion sound awaits. Providing the soundtrack to many joyous afternoons, Jeremy Curl once again demands your attention. A long-sought-after dj in the Reno and San Diego areas throughout the '90's, house and DnB sets gave way to original production, including
multiple current releases as The PennyTraders & FRENZ.
Ambient, Down Tempo, House, DnB, lo-end bass wobble and most other genres all find a home in this performers catalog of sound.
Jeremy has Shared Stages with greats like: Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, Random Rab, BLVD, Dieselboy, Justin Martin, Jeno, BT, Collette, Doc Martin, Scooter and Lavelle and Black Rock City All-Stars to name a few.
I play all my own beats Live with some of the classics always mixed in!



House Flavors - 20 October - 16:00 / 3:00

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