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Frisky BusinesZ

About Frisky BusinesZ,
Frisky BusinesZ is a brand new dj collective existing of 2 male and 3 female dj's and an MC Who have found there commen passion in the sound of Amapiano music.
It's a new genre, sprouted somewhere in 2012 in South Africa, and it is now taking the world by storm!
As a totaly new music genre it is has the underground vibe of hiphop but also has the laidback lounge feel of deep soulfull House. 
So wheather You want to just chill or go breserk to the crazy logdrum bass? its up to You?

Come and vibe with us for this first edition of "Je Suis Amapiano" by Frisky BusinesZ.

piaaanoooo 4 life


Frisky BusinesZ - 23 June - 21:00 / 3:00
Frisky BusinesZ - 15 July - 21:00 / 3:00

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