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Fantasy Talk

Fantasy Talk


Fantasy Talk Jordan C. Jones has never given two shits about current trends, cliques or sub-genres. A self admitted nonconformist who often sees himself as half musician, half medicine man - an audio based healer. Growing up in the dusty southern US city of Huntsville Alabama, he gravitated toward the underground scene early on and has since remained a prominent figure for nearly 15 years.

Heavily influenced by the 90€™s Bristol Trip Hop sound and the likes of artists such as DJ Shadow, UNKLE and the Avalanches; he embraces sample driven experimentation and midrange melodies over bassy womp womps. Fantasy Talk openly incorporate Mysticism, White Magic and Shamanic practices in order utilize music to its fullest therapeutic capacity.

Alongside DJing and production, Jordan is a multi-instrumentalist having preformed with projects varying from Punk, Jazz, Folk and even Metal - favoring rule bending and out of the box thinking.
In 2012, shortly after moving to the outskirts of Seattle to pursue music, Fantasy Talk began to turn heads.
This resulted in a residency at Olympia’s Royal Lounge weekly event and catching the attention of UK based label The Krafted Music Group.
After the 2014 release of The Air Quotes EP and numerous transatlantic requests it was clear that this psychadelic showcase had to hit the road.
With an upcoming release and European tour for set for Spring 2015,
Fantasy Talk is on a love mission as a Trip Hop visionary.

With special Guests :



Dutch producer and instrumentalist Nuaru is a newcomer to the scene. He started playing electric guitar and drums at the age of thirteen and played in numerous punk rock and metal bands, before turning his head to experimental hip hop and bass music.
Inspired by artists like Daedelus, Machinedrum, Rustie and Giraffage, he crafts raw soundscapes and bass heavy dance floor tracks that sound as alive and breathing as a tropical rainforest.

Armed with a laptop and a midi controller, he fuses the concept of a dj set with a live show in a genre melting whirlwind.

In 2014 he played his first show at the Amsterdam Dance Event and signed to Basserk Records for a series of releases exploring different realms of low frequency centered sounds. In the meanwhile his tracks have appeared on different labels and compilations alongside artists like Arts the Beatdoctor and Pete Philly.

Especially for the Kashmir Lounge, he will tell the story of his first coming in contact with electronic music in the form of a breaks and beats filled DJ set.



Cybernova, A.K.A. Luca Marzano was born in february, the 7th 1983 in Rome, Italy.
in 2006 he starts programming his own music using softwares and in september of the same year, in collaboration with KIDA and EMOH STUDIO,
comes out with a Hip Hop EP: A.N.K.H, including 2 solo songs.
After that, starts a period of breakage from electronics.
He performs in a few bands as a bass player and stops productions for a while.

In 2009, in collaboration with some friends, founds VOLTROME.
He gets the occasion of being the opening DJ for HECTOR SAVAGE, under the name OLIVIER SOLO.
He produced and published a 11-track album and four singles under Pocket Panther Rec between 2012 and 2014.
In that period he also performed live sets and dj sets in all the biggest clubs in Rome,
also in 2012 he performed in the closing act for Tantrum Desire set and in 2013 in the opening act for Leeroy Thornhill set, both at Rising Love, Rome.

At the moment he is an unsigned artist voted to electronic music experimentation.
His style gathers so many different aspects of EDM's world, that during a Live performance you may find hard to classify it in one way.



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