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Eddie Paradise

Eddie Paradise is an Electronic Music Lover. A passion that was born in the late 90’s in arguably the greatest era for progressive house & trance – when Trance music then was king and not like that EDM rubbish we hear now. His first taste of this music was when he was Introduced to legends like Sasha, John Digweed, Oakenfold, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, Quivver and TILT by friends who used to swap mix tapes – Yes, Tapes! – of gigs they had been too. The first album he bought was Sasha and Digweeds Northern Exposure which he sat and listened to with a friend who pretty much curated the whole thing. Who knew that mixing music and ‘being a DJ’ was so interesting. Then came GU013 – Sasha’s Ibiza mix for Global Underground – ‘That really was the album that got me hooked, the tracks, the mixing, the vibe – it had it all, it’s a work of art for sure’. So, having rinsed the CD on repeat in his car, he bought a battered pair of technic SL 1200s, haggled to get a cheap 2 channel mixer and went off in search of his first vinyl to try and replicate his heroes!

Eddie’s sound is firmly rooted from his progressive house days – using deep, dark and melodic sounds to create the atmosphere of a story being told. His sound has mellowed though – These days it’s less about 127bpm-128bpm and more in the region of 120bpm-121bpm. Enjoying the emergence of the deep and organic sound that has become popular in recent times. Eddie is grateful to share his music through AATM Radio, a station of which he is also a director. He hosts his monthly ‘Eddie Paradise Presents Cadenza’ which showcases music across the electronic music spectrum with contributions from DJs who play sets they may not normally get the chance to play. No pigeon holing, just great music. Eddie also has a monthly residency with Beach-radio.co.uk which he really enjoys as it fits his sound perfectly ‘The beach is my happy place, every set I produce, I always pick tracks that I would want hear drinking a beer on the back of a beach in ibiza – like in Bora Bora or Mambo’.

Eddie’s role with DJs inbox is to work with and promote grassroots DJs through their Embark with DJs Inbox Programme. Something that he feels privileged to do ‘I love finding talented DJs who may need an opportunity to play and grow their audience. I think most of us need that opportunity. We’ve had some really successful guys come through and long may that continue’. So, if you’re a grassroots DJ and want the chance to showcase you’re sound then please reach out on the embark application page. For Eddie, It really is all about the music. Uncovering new artists, new music and embracing how music can raise you up no matter what mood you are in. Keep an eye for his monthly charts on DJs-inbox.com for new music.


Pro B tech - 14 May - 12:00 / 3:00

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