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DJMH - DJ Michael Harris - deep house, soulful house and nu disco

After his visit in the Paradise Garage NYC in the 1990s he brought the deep house sound to Club Richter in Amsterdam. This was in about the same time that Eddy the Clercq opened Club Roxy. In that time he started to produce house music himself, and also playing in Club Richter and after party Club La Louve in Amsterdam and various other places in Nairobi and Washington DC. As time went by his interest switched to photography and video and stopped making music..

After traveling the globe and living in California for a while he came back to Amsterdam and in 2013 he started producing house music again under his own label Paradise Deep Records. Working with various artists and experimenting different styles of house he decided to start to dj again as well. His styles are deep house, soulful house and nu disco.


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DJMH - 23 June - 18:00 / 21:00

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