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Dj Sav and Julian Cooper

 Dj Sav and Julian Cooper

Ambassador  of the 90's French Hip Hop Party's in​ OT301, Dj Sav and Julian Cooper are 2 djs from France.

These 2 Djs grew up in different places in France and met here in Amsterdam few years ago.

Sav started mixing at the end of the 90s when the French House music hit the electro scene. Inspired by dj like Bob Sinclar and Roger Sanchez, he started to buy his first lps at this time. Also attracted by the hip hop music, he was also hanging with a B-Boy crew from his home town, pushing some breaks for them and also practiced his first scratch. Sav is also saxophonist for 2 bands in Utrecht (reggae and hiphop) and a big fan of jungle, ragga and dnb.

Born in Le Mans City, Julian Cooper start mixing dancehall music when he bought his first turntable. After having moved to Amsterdam and discoverd a new underground musical scene, he was more attracted by the electro music than before. He started also a nice small lps collection by this time, next to his 45s dancehall tunes. Recruted by Sav few years ago for the 90's French Hip Hop Party's in​ OT301, they kept mixing together, continuing developing their dj skills.

With these 2 behind the decks, be ready for some good vibes.


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