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Hi, my name is Jan-Felix Kröger, I'm born in 1990 and raised near Osnabrück. As an artist I call myself JFK.
The music was since my childhood always an important part of my live and I liked to share it with frinds. While my first times at clubs in 2006, I started to enjoy electronic music and going on to visit electronic music events.
In the end of 2011, I decided to do music by myself and went to the Elevator Music Store in Münster and bought my really first DJ equipment. From that moment on, I spend most of my time, learning my equipment, trying to understand how to handle the beats and bringing them together. I was in exchenge of information with other DJ's whenever there were chance for it and tried to improve my skills. It was hard at the beginning to find my style, so I spent some time with different kinds of electronic music. But again and again I came back to House and Techno. That's really mine so I've decided to apply for my first DJ gig.
And it happend. In 2012 i was going to play my first set at Waldfrieden in Stemwede. After this it didn't took long and I had more chances to prove my skills and my love to music. So I played at different Clubs in Osnabrück, Münster, Bielefeld, Bremen and Stemwede. Also I became a resident of the Café Karma event series.
In 2016 one of my big dreams come true and I had the opportunity to spread my sound and joy to the all the lovely people at the Wonderland Open Air Festival in Stemwede.
Characteristic for my sound and my DJ-sets is an expressiv and groovy style by JFK.


DJ JFK - 01 September - 18:00 / 18:00

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