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Cinema Royale

Music Style: Disco Bohannon Funk House Filmic Cinema Royale blends house, disco,
Bohannon-funk and all sorts of filmic music into a transparent bowl filled with mental
and physical pleasure serving our inner and outer freedom.
May the force be with Us.


Right from his first appearance in 1998 at the Rotterdam Film Festival to this very day, Arne Visser aka Cinema Royale always remained faithful to his passion for soundtracks.
Whether you experience him in an exclusive atmospheric setting or during a high energy dance floor set, he never looses sight of his beloved audience.
His powerful selection of quality music and his ability of gentle flowing between different genres create a cinematic universe where we are all captured by his innovative energetic sound, named Cinema Royale.
The actual DJing started after he was inspired by New York based DJ Mondo Lucien, who's amazing way of glueing all kinds of retro and innovative music was a total novelty,
being one of the founding fathers of what later would be called Lounge.
This trigger led to new perspectives and a focus on blending and mixing all kinds of filmic music,
combined with the finest electronic music, both uptempo and downtempo.
After a period of successful playing for the Rotterdam Film Festival, numerous Cinemas, the Dutch Film Festival and many Premieres and Award parties,
Cinema Royale is invited in 2001 by the legendary DJ Eddy De Clercq to play at his infamous Testlab Party at the Paradiso, having heart him playing at his residency at Cinema Ketelhuis, called Cinema Du Disque.
This introduction would later appear to be his kick-off for the club scene, playing for Rocket Cinema, T-Dansent, Winkel van Sinkel and the early Ex-Pornstar parties amongst others.

In 2002

he accompanies Eddy De Clercq at his Latin flavored club night called Lust at Club Panama.
He also becomes resident at the acclaimed Maastricht club nights from the multi-talented DJ Don Londi.
It is also the year that Cinema Royale starts working with Video Artist Sergio Ulhoa during a VJ Festival at the Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem.
Their strong collaboration evolves itself in the current concept The Minx, the dialogue between filmic DJ'ing and choreographed Video Art, presented at hot spots such as Club Panama,
Now and Wow in Rotterdam and the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

In 2003

Cinema Royale is closely involved with Art Projects at the Nieuwe Vide and he is part of the artistic concept Z.O.Z. at the Zebra Lounge, together with MC Vika Kova.
Other highlights are the film premiere for the movie Cloaka, bookings in Prague and the launch of the Superbrands concept together with Sergio Ulhoa.
His unique residency at the Italian lunch room Renzo's assumes mythological proportions,
attracting people from all over Amsterdam and abroad, including Detroit producers Carl Craig and Derrick May.

In 2004

Arne is asked to play at the Life Achieving Award for International director Paul Verhoeven at Paradiso.
It is also the year where the Cinema Royale concept is firmly established in the B2B through Willemijn van Hussen,
who builds up a strong artist portfolio which would later result in the exclusive Event Company Blue Luna, playing for Heineken, Jaguar, Maison
Van den Boer, SupperClub, Bacardi/Martini, Shell, KLM and McKinsey amongst others.

In 2005

art and fashion events become more prominent, playing at Sotheby's for artist Petra Hart, the Cobra Museum, arranging fashion shows for Fashion House Pauw, Glerum Auctioneers and the Amsterdam Art Association De Kring.
Cinema Royale also performs at the Maison Royale Festival, with the prestigious new jazz programming by the acclaimed DJ/producer and source of inspiration Monte La Rue.
In September he travels with his Cinema Royale concept to Kiev, where he performs with MC Vika Kova and the Snow VJ's.
It is also the year where he starts his magic collaboration with trumpeter Saskia Laroo,
playing together at De Doelen for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bollywood Festival and the Zandvoort Jazz Festival and at his residency in the Sugar Factory.

In 2006

Cinema Royale is invited by Jan Des Bouvrie to present The Minx concept at the launch of the SpringIsInTheAir collection at The Arsenaal.
He plays at the Maison Royale Festival and for the Concertgebouw Orchestra at Cineac, and plays during the Stadsspelen auction in Club Elf.
He furthermore plays during Terrazza Martini at the Amstel Hotel, producing a Terrazza Martini Theme including 4 fashions shows.
He performs at the Maison Van den Boer 100 Year Jubilee at the Concertgebouw and opens Europe's biggest Videoscreen on the Rembrandtplein together with VJ legend Micha Klein.
It is also the year of the launch of the weekly Cinema Royale Radio Show at the national dance platform DJBroadcastFM.
Cinema Royale is also asked to play at the American Songbook music show from national comedian Hans Teeuwen, accompanied by i.e. jazz players Benjamin Herman and Jesse van Ruller.

Other gigs in 2006 include Paradiso's Rocket Cinema, Amsterdam Dance Event in Odeon for AMS Bookings, the Beurs van Berlage with violin player Rachel Grace, Sotheby's,
the launch party of Dramatic Beat, the Jimmy Woo concept Shanghai Shady and a residency at Beach club Together.
In 2007 Cinema Royale extends his passion through a succesfull concept called 3SidesLive, the live communication between DJ, harp and violin.
This innovative project is performed at mainstage Ahoy during the opening of the ABN AMRO TennisTournament,
at the Festival Classique in The Hague, De Dag van de Nederlandse Jazz and the Must Club Night amongst others.
It is also the year of the birth of The Minx, the pushing forward clubnight created with Video Artist Sergio Ulhoa.
Other highlights are the collaboration with the Italian new-jazz Vocalist Stefania Dipierro, gigs for Dekmantel, Olympique,
Cinema RIALTO and the Ghanasi Fashion Show and corperate gigs for Nokia, Bacardi and Theatre Tushinski.

In 2008

Cinema Royale acclaims new residencies at the beloved Vagebond Club Nights, the legendary SupperClub and Lab 111 in Smart Project Space.
Other highlights are bookings for McKinsey, Smart, Ocean Diva Event 2008, Hunkemuller, the opening of the renewed Heineken Experience, bookings in Rome,
playing in Ahoy, for the Nationale Ballet, Hilton Hotels and during the JFK Award in the Passenger Terminal.
A new collaboration is born with talented singer and percussion player Gianna Tam, which is presented at club nights, Ahoy and for Maison van den Boer in Rotterdam amongst others.
Cinema Royale also compiles with great success his first CD compilation for Mailmedia.
The field where famous and obscure soundtracks are mixed and blended with organic and abstract electronic music,
the field where James Bond can drink his shaken Wodka Martini in Detroit and where Nino Rota can have his dialogue with Curtis Mayfield and the Yellow Magic Orchestra: Cinema Royale! Life is a Movie!
Enjoy it to the Max!

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Others :

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Hard Rock Cafe,Cinema Ketelhuis,RIALTO,Strand Zuid,Beach Club Blijburg,Olele,Winston Kingdom.

Abroad: Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Kiev, Brussels, Prague.

Website: Visit Website


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