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Brent lawson

BRENT LAWSON – DJ | Producer | Agency
Dance music is a great leveller, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what place you call home or indeed which electronic cabaret you shake your hips at, the music will always draw people together.

Brent Lawson understands this better than many. Growing up in the wilds of Eastern Scotland and now working as a Planner, dance music is his passion; his escape; his level playing field.

Raised on a steady diet of 80s synth music, Brent has always had one foot on the dance floor. A clubber first, it was a fateful trip to nearby Arbroath that first opened his mind to the possibilities of electronic music as a DJ:

    “I had a love for the electronic sounds created by Jean Michele Jarre from that point I was drawn into electronic music.” He says, citing the Rhumba Club a favourite venue from his youth, “This night has informed so many years of my clubbing history and is responsible for everything that I have done and will do.”

The late Nineties were a fertile time for those venturing into DJing. And for Brent, gigs came quickly progressing him up the ladder but he soon found the pressures of family life meant he needed to concentrate on providing a stable environment for his children. Now his kids are grown, Brent is free to refocus on his music and his company Probtech Management, bringing with him the skills of his day job.

Comprised of two record labels and an DJ agency servicing 16 working artists, Probtech is a business on the up. Recent additions to the team, Ingo Vogelmann (A&R) and Paul Sawyer (Business Development) show just how serious Brent takes his brand and processes are in place to put Probtech in the same ballpark as the Bedrock’s, Drumcode’s and Toolroom’s of the industry.

At heart Brent is a DJ who just loves to share his passion for the music with his audience. Resident at one of Dundee’s premiere nights – Music is The Answer – he regularly rubs shoulders with the best DJs in the world. Brent is also making his first forays into the production world with an original track coming out shortly on Pro B Tech as well as many remix projects and a collaboration with Argentinian progressive house legend, Hernan Serrao.


Pro B tech - 14 May - 12:00 / 3:00
Saturo Sounds Show Case - 22 October - 12:00 / 4:00
Saturo Sounds Show Case - 19 October - 12:00 / 1:00
Saturo Sounds Show Case - 16 October - 13:00 / 1:00
Saturo Sounds Show Case - 17 October - 13:00 / 1:00

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