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Big John

Big John started in 1985 with his reggaeprogram Riddim on the wire,he is specialized in jamaican music from 1965 till 1995,and selects almost 30 years in the netherlands other parts of europe,usa and Jamaica.
He played at the milkyway and paradiso during big reggaeshows in amsterdam,and other reggae festivals like2 Sevens Clash, Reggae Geel,summer jam,and Misteryland and even Internationaly by Club S.O.B New York,Brixton Acedemy London and reggae sumfest in Jamaica.
He is wel known by a lot of reggae soundsysytems,like Sir Coxsone,Fatman hifi,Downbeat,King Sturgav,Soul Faith,and plenty other soundsystems around the world.
He only selects only from his personal collection from producers like,Coxsone Dodd,Duke Reid,King Tubby,Lee Perry,Bullwackies,Chanell One.etc.Depending on the venue where he is playing he will carry his vinyl otherwise he wil use his digital selection to play his reggae selection,so if you are in the mood to experience some good reggae music he is the selecter that will blow your musical brain,so check out his montly sesions at the kashmir lounge and give him your full suport !


Dj Big John Riddim on the Wire - 11 April - 21:00 / 2:00
Dj Big John Riddim on the Wire - 21 March - 21:00 / 21:00
Dj Big John Riddim on the Wire - 09 May - 21:00 / 2:00
Dj Big John Riddim on the Wire - 13 June - 21:00 / 2:00
Dj Big John Riddim on the Wire - 11 July - 21:00 / 2:00

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