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Pascha Oganov aka dj Kambala, music producer and dj.
Started playing records in a begining of 90-s In Amsterdam. Organizing party's and dance events in his atelier at Wilhelmina Dok, Silo, clubs Zoo, Red and others, worked as weekly resident in bars and shops ( Lux, Kashmir lounge, Conscious dreams and others.
Played also in Germany, New Zealand, and Phillipines Millennium party in 2000
In 2001 - moved to Moscow and next 16 years played in different cities of Russia and Ukrain.
For 3 years (2002-2003-2004) was official resident dj of open-air Festival "Kazantip".
Played in few clubs of St.Petersburg ( Par, Griboyedov, 777, Fish Fabric)
and Moscow (Rhythm & Blues Cafe, Mix, Propoganda, Okno, Zepelin, 16 tonneau, Territoria and many others)
Resident of Moscows Cafes and Bars ( Mercedes Bar, cafe Moskva-Berlin, Piramida and others)
Dj Kambala also created and produced his own music, some of it was published by Kidnap Rec. (Amsterdam), AlleyPM (doubleCD) ( Moscow), Vincent Inc. (Ukraine), and many tracks were taken for various compilations..
Check out www.soundcloud.com/djKambala
In 2017 dj Kambala moved back to Amsterdam.



KAMBALA - 04 May - 21:00 / 2:00

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