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Hristo Tafkov

Hristo Tafkov

Dj Hristo Tafkov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1986.
Inspired by the magnificent sounds of Chicago house, his passion for electronic music manifested since 2003.
At that time he was influenced by funky and soulful house which led him, several years later, to discover deep and tech house,which are in the basis of his style today.
He quickly gained popularity and he was invited to gig in a lot of clubs, as well as private parties in his country.
His mixes are played by the Internet radio Vibes, and they are highly appreciated by the house fans.
He succeeded to impress the audience with his incredible style and flair for music,
and the brilliant selection of soulful house, jazzy, deep and tech house tunes.




Source of Love by Hristo Tafkov on Mixcloud




DJ Hristo Tafkov - 21 January - 18:00 / 12:00
Kashmir X-Mas special - 25 December - 18:00 / 1:00

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