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Don Lennon

Tech Sounds // Instrumental Funk // Bass lines

Don Lennon can be considered a natural-born DJ and entertainer in all respects.
Coming from a musical family in which the beat of the drum became a household sound,
Don immediately felt attracted to its rhythm and strength at a young age.

Being part of the electronic dance scene in the 90s inspired him to start collecting a wide array of music ranging from house to techno and early rave to hardcore.
Playing in local bars provided him with a platform where he could explore the depths of sounds and experiment wholeheartedly until discovering his own style and unique sound.
After generating local recognition and demonstrating his talent, the rest of the nation was sure to follow.
His world trip in 2005 proved to be insightful and he returned to the Netherlands with a new set of ears and style.

Berlin, a major inspiration for his professional progress, had a tremendous impact on his own sound.
What used to be laden with raving techno beats, morphed into minimalistic tech sounds with a funky twist of house.

Currently, Don can be found working on a new project, “Don Lennon & Proloog” which incorporates the digital elements of electronic music
with the acoustic touch of instrumentals, such as the saxophone.
Besides being an avid contributor in the Dutch electronic dance scene, he also co-creates platforms for creativity by organizing events, such as the successful EDIT Festival in Haarlem.
Leaving his musical imprint throughout the Netherlands and beyond, Don is an entertainer with a crazy character & will forever be a slave to the music.


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Baas Boven Baas - 01 March - 19:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 22 November - 16:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 14 November - 21:00 / 2:00
Baas Boven Baas - 08 May - 16:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 20 November - 16:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 23 September - 21:00 / 2:00
Baas Boven Baas - 10 September - 16:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 22 October - 16:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 29 December - 21:00 / 2:00
Baas Boven Baas - 17 December - 17:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 12 August - 18:00 / 1:00
Baas Boven Baas - 04 August - 21:00 / 2:00

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