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Ype Nota, born in 1961, is very familiar to the sound of the late 70’s and even more of the 80’s- 90’s.
At the age of 15, living in Haarlem, he started with a drive-in discotheque and played on numerous private parties.
At the age of 19 he moved to Amsterdam and became a very intensive ‘nightclubber’ in disco’s like the ‘Mazzo’, ‘Roxy’, It and ‘36 op de schaal van Richter’.

Never stopped loving music, a few years ago he decided to start mixing again and enthusiastically began playing in small places, such as Café Zoet and the Black & White bar. Now, also playing in the Kashmir Lounge DJ Café, his music is based on the 80’s and 90’s in a contemporary jacket, with rare mixes and extended versions.

His style of music is certainly influenced by different kinds of 80-90’s (hit)music and dj’s (in particular dj’s like
Paul Oakenfold, Danny Howells and Carl Cox).


18 years Kashmir Lounge celebration - 06 December - 17:00 / 3:00
19 YEARS KASHMIR CELEBRATION - 10 December - 17:00 / 4:00
DJNAMIX - Classics - 10 February - 18:00 / 21:00
DJNAMIX - Classics - 21 July - 18:00 / 21:00
21 Years Kashmir DISCO edition - 08 December - 18:00 / 3:00

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